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Story Behind Us

In June 2016, after a 10 year absence from the music industry and 23 years since she played with the Lime Spiders, Jayne Murphy started exploring how she would make a comeback with her new shape and voice. First she toyed around with the arrangement of a song she wrote in 1995. On My Mind was the song which inspired her to pick up a pen and get moving on with writing new songs as well as rearranging some of her back catalogue.

In 2018, Jayne was living in Brisbane and playing pop up performances in local pubs. She was persuaded by local punters to form a band. But under what name. Hers? Well, a young guitarist (who actually idolised Jayne's guitar playing) raced into a pub one night, ran up to Jayne and exclaimed, "I have a name for your new band. Flowers For Jayne". And that's how it all started. That same year Jayne moved to Vancouver BC, Canada.

After writing several new songs in Vancouver, Jayne decided it was time to record again. In January 2019, she contacted former Lime Spiders bass player Phil Hall and suggested they join forces again and record four songs with drummer Jess Ciampa. Could it be done? Phil and Jess were in Sydney. Jayne found a recording studio in New Westminster that could pull it off. From February to March 2019, Flowers For Jayne recorded their first four singles. I Want You was their debut single released in April 2019.

Jayne returned to Sydney in June 2019 to record a debut album with Flowers For Jayne. Dangerous Woman was released in January 2022.

Unfortunately, Phil Hall departed from Flowers For Jayne in May 2022 due to work commitments elsewhere. After a new single release and a couple line up reshuffles over the following year, Flowers For Jayne are now blooming again in 2023 and looking forward to recording new material and playing at a venue near you soon.

Band Members


lead vocals | guitar

Jayne Murphy founded the original concept of Flowers For Jayne, affectionately known globally as FFJ.

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drums | vocals

Peter is one of the most respected and hard-working drummers in the Inner West of Sydney.

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bass | vocals
Kevin was inspired by Paul McCartney and chose to turn his eye to bass guitar.

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special guest vocalist

Suzy blends neatly into the FFJ line-up, providing a melodic vocal counterpoint to Jayne’s growling lyrics.

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